Our Story

P0002907b.jpgBeeZolio was developed in my farm kitchen in the Carneros Region of California's Wine Country. I began by using old recipes to blend beeswax from my own hives with olive oil from Greece.

Then my BeeZolio was field tested on friends and farm helpers, gardeners and kitchen workers for many months before I settled on the simplest of ingredients, blended in just the right proportions, all designed to soothe and soften your chapped and dry skin.

The response has really been amazing! BeeZolio has already traveled half way around the world as customers at our local Farmers Markets have sent it to friends and visitors to Wine Country have taken a BeeZolio home in their bags. One of our finest local hotels even put our Minis on their guests' pillows and many took them home as a memory of Sonoma and the Wine Country. So far we have heard from customers all over the United States and Hawaii, and from as far away as France, Switzerland, Holland and Germany.

BeeZolio also seems to work well for all sorts of people. It has been used successfully by both men and women, by cooks and gardeners, by mechanics and paper shufflers-outdoors and indoors, after dishes, before gardening, in the morning or afternoon or evening ... any time your skin needs the soothing effect of BeeZolio.

Producing and selling BeeZolio gives me pleasure in helping others. Like when an elderly man came to my farmstand and said "Wow, my dry cracked heels are gone! I love it!". And that same night, a lady reported that the "sandal feet" that came back every Summer were now a thing of the past. "Now I really LOVE Summer" she said with a big broad smile.

A pregnant lady found that BeeZolio soothed the stretch marks on her belly. A little boy bought a Honeycomb BeeZolio with his own pocket money, then came back to tell me that the eczema that had plagued him for years was eased by nightly applications of BeeZolio. A nurse uses BeeZolio to ward off the dry skin caused by the frequent hand washing that is part of daily life in the hospital. "It gives me soft, pliable skin" she says "and no scents or chemical additives to give my more sensitive patients trouble".

Gardeners say that BeeZolio combats the drying effect of digging in the soil. Some people have even told me privately of how BeeZolio has worked on itchy, scaly parts of the body much too personal to talk about here!

And my BeeZolio make an excellent gift. Some of my customers buy a couple of extras for their friends or to take along on a trip as gifts-and later the people they give them to become my customers through re-orders - I love it!! In fact that is why this web page exists at all -as a place where anyone can re-order easily and quickly from wherever you are in the world. So remember us next Mothers Day or Christmas, or for that special birthday that is coming up soon-BeeZoliois truly the gift that keeps on giving!"

With love,
Shelley Arrowsmith
Farmer, Beekeeper
and BeeZolio Maker,


2572 Acacia Avenue • Sonoma, CA 95476
phone 707 935 3420 • fax 707 935 9593
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